Our Story

After dreaming for years about opening up a Taiwanese Fried Chicken Cutlet stand with his cousins, Derek launched Little Ding's in October of 2022 to not only make his childhood dreams a reality but also to showcase Taiwanese culture through food.

As a kid, Derek visited Taiwan often during the summers to see his relatives and would spend most of his time with his cousins traveling around Taipei to eat anything and everything there was. And growing up in upstate NY, it was normal to not see any Taiwanese restaurants because there were barely any cultural food spots in general. But as he got older and started to visit different cities across the country, he realized how little Taiwanese restaurants there actually were and that not many people knew about Taiwanese food.

Knowing how good Taiwanese food is (especially the street food) along with his desire to bring more exposure to Taiwanese cuisine and his childhood dream, Derek put together a plan March 2022, began testing his recipes and started putting all of the pieces together for the eventual launch of Little Ding's in October.

Frying Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken